Automation/Control Systems: IMS has vast experience with the design, fabrication, installation, and support of various automated control systems. With today’s technology, more can be done safely with less manpower utilizing automated systems to monitor and control various pieces of equipment found on marine vessels. From fan controllers to ship control consoles, Intech Marine Services can update your vessel with controllers designed to take advantage of today’s technology.

Radio/Communications: Intech Marine’s electronics technicians are familiar with all the various communication systems used in the marine world. Whether it’s HF transceivers, TV distribution systems, or sound powered phones – they’ve worked on it all.

Monitoring and Security: In today's marine world, a vessel can never have too much protection. Intech Marine can design and install an engine room monitoring system on your vessel that could be used to help a watch stander detect a fuel leak or a fire. If shipboard security is your main concern, an automated shipboard camera system would help a roving watchman monitor multiple key areas of your vessel simultaneously.

Emergent Work: Intech Marine Services is available by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that our customers can reach us for support and so that we can respond to problems as quickly as possible. We know that ships are sailing worldwide every single hour of every single day and we are always ready to do what it takes to assist our customers in the quickest and safest way possible.

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